How to Choose an Effective Hypnotherapist

... all hypnotherapists are not the same ...

Choosing a hypnotherapist is a very personal decision.  Unless a particular hypnotherapist comes highly recommended, how do you know they will be right for you?  Lists of qualifications or membership of professional organisations, is not, necessarily, an indication of effectiveness.

The first thing to understand is:

All Hypnotherapists Are NOT The Same

There are many hypnotherapy training schools, teaching myriad styles of hypnotherapy.  There is Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, Elman Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Analytical Hypnotherapy, Psycho-babble Hypnotherapy, and on, and on.  More and more, schools seem to be adding layer upon layer of academic study, in order to ‘pad-out’ their offering.  The result:

Much Hypnotherapy Is Mediocre, At Best

When you begin to work with the Subconscious mind, you’ll soon realize that it’s a simple mechanism – very powerful, but simple.  It has no capacity to think.  The thinking takes place in the Conscious mind.  If you could solve your problem by thinking about it, or understanding it, you wouldn’t be looking for a hypnotherapist. That’s why most Cognitive Therapy is, usually, a waste of time and effort.

 To make hypnotherapy really effective – Keep It Simple!

You might want to look at advanced hypnotherapy techniques.

The next thing to look at is the hypnotherapist’s Professional Body.  Find the organisation’s  website, and ascertain what is required for membership. Regardless of what they call themselves, any organisation that accepts hypnotherapists of different disciplines, is a mixed bag.  The quality gets watered down.

 There is only one way to become registered with The C.A.H.

There Are NO Exceptions

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