Lovely hypnotherapist ☺️

Elle is just such a wonderful woman, who clearly cares about each and every one of her patients. Even if you are unsure about hypnotherapy, Elle is just a great person to talk things through with and see the positives about yourself and your situation. I would thoroughly recommend the sessions to anyone and even if you are not a believer in hypnotherapy, you are sure to come away feeling brighter, more positive and confident in yourself.

Submitted by Natalie Shuttle on Sunday, Sep 10, 2017

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Lease of life

Due to trauma & bereavement I became anxious, stressed, depressed & was on a very slippery slope. I became lower than low. For 7 years I hardly slept, going outside of my home was extremely difficult & I scratched at my skin severely which has left me scarred. No doctor could help me. My whole life literally has changed since meeting Elle. After one session I slept, after 2 sessions I'd stopped itching. I had a total of 4 sessions & in that short time my whole life has changed. It is heaven to sleep & to not itch words cannot express. I can leave my home now with no effort & am now starting to re build my life. Elle has saved my life & I say that with no hesitation.

Submitted by M White on Thursday, Nov 16, 2017

Sports Anxiety

I saw Elle regarding anxiety when competing in racing. I would experience self-doubt and just essentially give up during races and not enjoy it. I have just completed my first race after the hypnotherapy sessions and have to say that I had a completely different race experience! I went into it feeling calm, knowing that I could complete it, feeling strong throughout, actually enjoyed it and got a PB! The sessions have been extremely helpful and Elle was brilliant throughout. I would definitely recommend to anyone!

Submitted by Louise Coppin on Monday, Jul 24, 2017

Elle is amazing!

I first contacted Elle for my issues with Jumping horses but have come away with so many tools to cope with a lot more! Elle went above and beyond to help me with my Rheumatoid Arthritis too, she did some research and added some helpful suggestions to our sessions! I feel so much more confident in my every day tasks so I'm now ready to step up my training and I'm also able to manage my stress levels more efficiently to avoid painful flare ups and keep up my focus. She was always at the end of a message and regularly checked up on me between sessions, she is a very kind person and very easy to talk to so what ever your problem Elle will definitely do her best for you!!

Submitted by Caroline S on Saturday, Jul 15, 2017