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Whether your problem is physical, mental or emotional in nature, it's likely that it has an emotional root deep in your subconscious mind.  We know how to find that root cause and show you how to unhook it. The benefits are phenomenal and may be life-changing.  How good would it be to step free of whatever is holding you back?

All CAH members are trained to a high standard in the practical use of effective hypnotherapy processes.  We use a dynamic, interactive system which has helped with physical, mental and emotional problems for three decades.  That's why our clients often only need three to five sessions to be free of the problem they're seeking help for.  

If that sounds like something you want, search for a CAH hypnotherapist near you now.

corporation of advanced hypnotherapy
This Directory website is new, so you may find there are not very many reviews or articles yet.  Please bear with us while we create content here.  However, most of our members are well-experienced, all are highly trained, and the Corporation itself has a long-standing history.

The Corporation of Advanced Hypnotherapy was formed in 1986, and is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards within our profession.
  We are Advanced Hypnotherapists, in that, all our therapists have proven to have completed their advanced training in Hypnotherapy, and have satisfactorily demonstrated their advanced skills.  Each member is known to us, personally.

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